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The power of the eBLUE technology! 

eBLUE is a Bluetooth 4.0 smart wireless control unit for lighting control gears which allows dimming, changing color temperature and selecting the desired RGB color for a luminaire.


Besides the usual home applications, the characteristics of the eBLUE make it very appropriate for other environments such as offices, hotels, shops, schools or shows among others.

You can download the data sheet here.

*Picture: eBLUE 0-10V/DALI


More advantages than you can imagine!

New wiring, switches, devices or networks are not required.

Once a lighting device is connected, it will be automatically recognised by the smartphone or tablet.
Old switches made smart. Switches can be used as dimmers or to control multiple lamps.
With one touch different scenes can be selected, in concordance with the occasion.
The eBLUE allows the user to control all lamps through a smartphone / tablet with a visual and intuitive interface.
New programmable scenes based on dates, days of the week, hours or dawn / sunset.

Download the technical information!

eBLUE 0-10 / DALI datasheet

eBLUE 0-10 / DALI installation guide


App user guide



Did you visit LpS last edition


Last 30 September was held the 5th edition of Led Professional Symposium (LpS), the most important LED and OLED symposium for professionals in the lighting industry.

The symposium addressed issues such as new system approaches, new components, equipments and up-to-date design methodologies.

And there our representatives were to present our technology and new solutions!


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The main reasons behind the ELT 40th anniversary 

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